Monday, August 24, 2009

I was reading this devotional online and I found this comment on the devotional to be very interesting and, I believe, true. I post it for you to reflect on. Here it is:

Steve Faris
August 22, 2009 10:20 AM
Enjoyed this Aaron. And then going the next step you suggest of the challenge to "Run to Jesus", can be a real dagger, and I believe is, for many us who confused running to the religion of Christianity versus Jesus. One runs to the things surrounding Jesus (religion) and not Him (relationship), ends up in a worse situation than before. Trying to substitute one form of sedative (accomplishments, thrill, numbing of pain, etc) with another sedative (religious activity, ritual, traditions, cultural interpretations of Christ, etc) only serves to scream to us of worthlessness and emptiness. And how easy that is to confuse. The more I seek Jesus himself, the more I am both at peace and challenged - and it is all good. The more I seek things claiming to represent Him, the more I am frustrated and disheartened - and even more so inclined to wonder what life is all worth. Thnx for your words and they are a reminder this morning to run to Him alone, and not the things that are man made images of him. Appreciate your efforts amidst his body to point people to the living and satisfying Bread.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


I went on a run tonight and it was so peaceful.  The sun had set, the sky was a vast, deep blue with just a bit of light blue, and a strip of pink leftover from the sunset to the west.  I praised God for his majesty, his greatness.  I prayed for friends that are his faithful servants as they bear witness to him around the globe.  As I did this, an image came to mind; it was almost as if they were floating on an invisible cloud in the big, velvet sky.   They were in his presence, only God and them, and He was smiling at them, adoring and proud, protecting and loving.  Just like a father.  With this image I was filled with such peace -- I still feel it now!  It's like I'm in a cloud of warmth and love, with nothing to fear.  With this peace, I knew that my friends were well, and well loved, and I understood a little bit more about how Christian martyrs can often be completely peaceful when they are tortured or executed.  Sorry to be blunt, but it's something I've always wondered about.  You see, at that moment on my run with that image in my head, I was home, I was at ease, I felt such great comfort and love.  I praise God for giving me the gift of my faith, however small it may be at times.  I know I have nothing to fear and tonight, unlike so many others who are lost, confused, abandoned, and frustrated, I fear nothing.  PRAISE GOD!